The Hidden Cardinal:
Finding Beauty in Ordinary Things

All items from The Hidden Cardinal are unique, handmade and are from nature or up-cycled materials.


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If you're looking for something a little whimsical or unique for your home or garden, you have come to the right place. We believe beauty is observed in the natural state within God's creation and that a beautifully decorated home doesn't have to be "perfect". All of our products are recycled, up-cycled, or salvaged from nature. No live tree was cut or bought to build any pieces. Everything is thoroughly cleaned, dried, and treated for long-lasting use and enjoyment.

The Hidden Cardinal officially opened for business in December of 2012 but the journey began long before. About eight years prior, with a growing family we decided to celebrate Christmas by making gifts for our loved ones using items from our own backyard. What started out as a way to give to family and friends quickly turned into a passionate hobby that we hope to share with others.

Pinckney, Michigan based husband and wife team Kevin and Carrie Germain want to share with others the potential beauty for discarded items, things sinking into the dirt and decaying in the forest. Everyone should be able to enjoy what was given to us; which is why it is our belief to have our products affordable. Most pieces are ready for purchase but we're happy to receive special requests (if materials are available) to create a made-to-order piece.

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